We help our clients achieve their most ambitious marketing goals and strategic communications objectives at the points of purchase. Marketedge handles top brands; ours is always a seamless assimilation of premium brands...

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Marketers want that point-of-purchase impact for their brands that says, we are here; they want their brands to stand out; to communicate the promise and of course, be available at all times to meet the demand. Merchandising is the tool that makes all that possible. We realized that average is boring; We are different. Our proposition includes digital capture of actionable data; digitized analytics that place you in the know just at a click of that button. We give you that complete trade marketing approach you need to succeed in the trade. Sales generation is our biggest motivation; our merchandisers work with targets. Our 4P execution tools simply deliver your objectives. You need to check us out!


Marketing communication has never been more effective. You need to engage the target market at their convenience and walk them through the experience of your proposition. That is what we do for a living! Consumer promotions? Just tell us what your objective is and the communication concept is our problem; not yours. At any given time, we can be in 500 supermarkets. It is all about your budget. Market storms? You need to reach more lower channel players? You want further reach and incremental sales? You meant to talk to us for the solution. Your wholesalers are struggling pushing that stock? They do not reach far in their jurisdiction? We got you the foot soldiers solution. Call us today!


We realized that you might want a 360 degrees service bouquet from us; below-the-line was not going to stand for that, alone. We went above just so you could not have to criss-cross the streets in order for you to fill your trolley. We will conceptualize and design your idea and, as if that is not enough, give it life on your choice media. And since we did not invent any of those media vehicles ( we are not old money guys), we look for the most resonating angle which actually defines your best channel. We have moved away from the part where you have to be the one talking for your brand; we help your brand talk about you. Your ROI is the reason we burn the midnight oil to get the right copy for that punch. Try us!


That event you were talking about, the one about the launch, why not try us? Leave the logistics to us while you get ready for the big day; we will put it together for you. An event is a big affair. We have invested in the management know-how so as to complete this 360 degrees of our offering bouquet I was talking about. We manage brands, why not complete the picture with managing such important events as the one you have in mind? The concept, the planning, the liaisons, the communication, the permits (if any), the calendar, the coordination of all parties, the invites, the logistics of actual execution, the management of the big day, the management of D-day crises. Leave that to us!


"We believe that your brand is not just your logo; it is how your prospective customers perceive your company. Your brand is your reputation and we focus on building potential customers view of your company even before the initial contact"

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